ProAct Advantage

CMT's ProAct Analytics provides abstraction, aggregation, analysis and interpretation of data, both prospectively and retrospectively, to aid clinical and financial risk analysis and management of a population. CMT integrates large volumes of disparate data (primarily behavioral pharmacy and services data, but including medical services and pharmacy data) and analyzes this convergence of information for the eligible population in respect to proportional financial risk, including adherence markers, gaps in care, substandard or inappropriate care, medical-behavioral co-morbid conditions that are associated with elevated cost burden, and chemical dependency or underlying addiction or substance dependency concerns that may be undermining overall health care and increasing costs.

ProAct provides secure, 24/7 access to prescriber and patient healthcare analytics by providing data on best practice for psychopharmacologic application relative to psychotropic and pain medicines called CMT's Quality Indicators™ (QIs) and Disease Management flags relative to gaps in care for chronic disease states most frequently associated with those suffering from mental illness. All data and data analytics are displayed for each patient in an Integrated Health Profile (IHP) for wholistic health management. This data is used by care managers and care coordinators, provider relations departments, quality improvement staff and clinical and financial administrators to understand the patient/population needs and to direct intervention activity to obtain desired outcomes.