The CMT Advantage

"Improving behavioral health through the power of clinical expertise and advanced technology."

Our Capabilities
CMT’s capabilities and expertise in behavioral health and information technology combine to help payers and providers improve care while lowering costs. By aggregating, analyzing and displaying disparate data – medical, behavioral, diagnostic and pharmacy – CMT assists with:

  • risk stratification
  • care coordination
  • care transitions
  • provider communication
  • care management
  • quality improvement; and
  • performance measurement.

CMT’s visual display of analytics, via a web based portal, provides a holistic and integrated view of patient data with clearly identified care action paths. CMT’s rules based engine and analytic display helps to:

  • prevent hospital readmission
  • reduce emergency room use
  • improve adherence to critical health medications
  • increase use of evidence based medicine; and
  • address disparities of care for complex needs populations.

CMT’s powerful yet flexible technology is customized for the payer and provider to track key metrics relevant to the customer. Standard and customized report capabilities are included and end users are supported through CMT’s training and collaboration. 

Who We Are

Care Management Technologies (CMT) is a behavioral health analytics company that delivers actionable information to payers, administrators and clinicians in order to improve quality of care and reduce costs.

Our award-winning clinical heritage grew out of our seminal work developing best-practice guidelines for providing quality care to patients with severe mental health disorders.

CMT’s analytics and decision support tools aid clinical and financial risk analysis and the management of a population. With CMT decision support tools, payers and providers are able to identify and target high risk consumers in order to monitor and improve health status while managing costs.

CMT is the behavioral health data analytics partner for the first-in-nation behavioral healthcare home initiative for Medicaid beneficiaries with behavioral-medical comorbidities in the State of Missouri. CMT has a demonstrated record of both clinical and financial impact, including reductions in ER visits and hospitalizations by up to 25% and an average annual savings per intervened patient of up to $1500 in pharmacy and services costs.

With our behavioral health clinical and predictive analytic expertise, CMT uses data analytics, trend identification, predictive analyses, and care tracking to support and enrich patient/provider monitoring functions that:

  • improve health care outcomes
  • support integrated models of care such as health homes and ACOs
  • lower costs
  • enhance patient engagement in care; and
  • support disease management registry maintenance.

Care Management Technologies’ behavioral health clinical and predictive analytic expertise are the foundation for a powerful and flexible information technology platform allowing payers and prescribers to deliver health care interventions that improve the lives of individuals with physical and behavioral health conditions.

CMT Partners in the News



Six Michigan Public Behavioral Health PIHPs to Implement Care Management Technologies Data Analytics Solution

News Report | November 15, 2015

On September 30, 2015, Care Management Technologies (CMT) announced that six Michigan public behavioral health prepaid inpatient health plans (PIHPs) recently implemented CMT’s ProAct behavioral health data analytics and decision-support tool. The solution assists with risk stratification, care coordination, care transitions, provider communication, care management, quality improvement, and performance measurement. The PIHPs are: Detroit-Wayne Mental Health Authority,  Macomb County Community Mental Health, North Care Network, Northern Michigan Regional Entity, Oakland County Community Mental Health, and Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health. These contracts expand CMT’s reach into a new state.

The web-based CMT ProAct solution supports population health analytics by combining medical, behavioral, diagnostic, and pharmacy data to allow users to better understand consumer care and needs. Its decision support function incorporates the latest evidence-based behavioral health research outcomes directly into the analysis engine for application to interventions at the consumer-specific level. Four of the six PIHPs are participating in Michigan Medicaid’s Care Bridge Duals Demonstration Project in which the PIHP is responsible for sharing data with the Integrated Care Organizations (ICOs) that are responsible for managing Medicare and Medicaid benefits. The ProAct solution includes advanced features that will allow the PIHPs to do the following:

  • Analyze consumer data against an anonymized claims database with more than 800 million Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance claims data points
  • Track comparative performance improvements based on customized and industry metrics
  • Provide action based analytics through interoperable platforms at the agency level
  • Use risk alerts to prevent emergency room and hospital readmissions

CMT was selected independently by the six PIHPs via two different processes. Two of the PIHPs, Northern Care Network and Northern Michigan, partnered with four other PIHPs in a collaborative technology vetting process with a consultant, TBD Solutions, to identify a group of suitable technologies from which the undecided PIHPs could choose. An RFP was released in November 2014. This process resulted in four finalists: OptumInsight, Wellcentive, CMT, and Zenith. The remaining four PIHPs: Detroit-Wayne, Macomb County, Oakland, and Southwest each worked independently to select a care coordination and data analytics solution.

The CMT contract implementation dates are as follows:

  • Macomb on March 1, 2014
  • Oakland on September 1, 2014
  • Southwest on December 30, 2014
  • Detroit-Wayne on February 1, 2015
  • Northern Michigan on March 1, 2015
  • North Care Network on May 15, 2015

Since implementing CMT, Macomb and Oakland have added additional ProAct functionality to their contract. Macomb added a data warehouse solution, and a statement of work for provider portals during the second and third quarters of 2015. During the fourth quarter of 2015, Oakland is implementing a provider portal  for substance use disorder (SUD) analysis that protects patient confidentiality while offering physical health services, medication, and clinical analytics to inform the SUD provider organization if patients have received care from other providers that may be relevant to treatment for the SUD. Several of the PIHPs (Macomb, Oakland, Detroit-Wayne, and North Care Network) use an electronic health PCE that is interoperable with ProAct.

CMT solutions are used by payers and provider organizations; currently more than 220 agencies in the United States and Canada are using CMT solutions. CMT has contracts in nine states, and it recently won a competitive bidding process in Oklahoma to provide a care coordination tool to support behavioral health homes. CMT is also working with seven community mental health centers (CMHCs) in Kansas to support behavioral health homes.

Additional details about the role of the 10 behavioral health PIHPs are included in the OPEN MINDS Michigan Behavioral Health System State Profile Report. The topics present market data and behavioral health policy for Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial health plans operating in the state. The full report can be purchased for $3,900; more details about the topics and purchase options are posted online at (accessed November 2, 2015).

For more information, contact:



Stein Recognized for Leadership in Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention

Flo Stein recently received the Jody Kellerman Award from the Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center in Charlotte. Stein is the deputy director of Division of Mental Health Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services within N.C. Department of Health and Human Services.




"Integrated Care Means Better Services"

benchmarks logo


Benchmarks Video Update

Karen McLeod highlights Benchmarks' Medicaid Reform Meeting with feedback from members and Carol Clayton with CMT Technologies.

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CMT’s User Group Webinar A Success!

Nicole Lawson, Manager of Clinical Practice and Healthcare Innovation, OCCMHA attended CMT’s User Group webinar featuring Jack Gorman, MD, CMT’s Clinical Consultant, who did a presentation on CMT’s Evidence-Based Design.

“I thought it was really good. I particularly appreciated the data behind the use of informational letters to change prescriber behavior. Some of us are still trying to "sell" the use of the letters and are now armed with several solid and recent research studies to support this. I also appreciate that you highlighted the work and research that goes into your algorithms.

"Sometimes I get the impression that people think implementations could do this on their own and don't fully grasp or appreciate the amount of work it takes to develop those algorithms or the role they play in identifying trends and supporting best practice.”



Oklahoma DMHSAS is BAD!

ODMHSAS accepted the challenge to do #JustKeepDancing as part of a nationwide effort to raise awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer.



Diana Knaebe, Consortium Member and CMT Partner Named Mental Health Director

Diana Knaebe has been named as the new Director of the Division of Mental Health for the State of Illinois. Diana has a wealth of experience in the behavioral health field both in Illinois and nationally.

Diana has served as President and CEO of Heritage Behavioral Health Center in Decatur since 2002. During her tenure as CEO, Heritage has developed into an exceptional community agency serving persons with mental illness and substance abuse in central Illinois. Prior to becoming President/CEO, Diana served as the Vice President of Client Services and the Chief Operating Officer at Heritage. She began her career in community behavioral health as a clinician at Van Buren County Mental Health Services in Michigan and was awarded her Master’s of Social Work degree from Western Michigan University in 1986.

 Diana formerly served as President of the Board of the Community Behavioral Health Association of Illinois. She was an active participant of Mental Health Corporations of America where she served as a Board member from 2009-2015. She also currently serves as Vice Chair for the Illinois Supportive Housing Providers Association Board.

She has presented at many local, state and national events on topics ranging from the continuum of housing for persons with a serious mental illness; strategic planning; leadership development; system transformation; integrated care - primary-behavioral health; ACOs and Specialty Care; and complementary and alternative health, as well as a wellness focus on health/behavioral health. She served a guest writer for Mental Health Weekly from 2012-2013.

Diane’s life-long dedication to improving the lives of persons with behavioral health conditions; her deep understanding of the behavioral health system in Illinois and our nation; and her commitment to recovery and resiliency principles and integrated care will serve us well as she assumes her new position.

Diane Knaebe will assume her new responsibilities on September 9, 2015.


Open Minds


Best States For Medicaid Developmental Disability Supports: Arizona, Maryland, Missouri, New York & Hawaii

Based on statistics for how well state Medicaid programs serve Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families, Arizona was ranked the best in terms of how individuals are served in the community and how well each state treats them. Mississippi was ranked last. The rankings were reported in “The Case for Inclusion 2015” report by researchers with the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP). The Case for Inclusion is an annual report that measures data and outcomes for the 50 states and the District of Columbia, based on key indicators that include how people with I/DD live and participate in their communities, if they are satisfied with their lives, and how easily the services and supports they need are accessed.

The five states with the best overall ranking are:

  1. Arizona
  2. Maryland
  3. Missouri
  4. New York
  5. Hawaii

The five states with the worst overall ranking are:

  1. Illinois
  2. Montana
  3. Arkansas
  4. Texas
  5. Mississippi

The rankings are based on the most recent national and state data available from 2014, including individuals’ responses to the National Core Indicators (NCI) survey in the 42 states (up from 39 the previous year) using the NCI. The report uses nine NCI data measures to illustrate the quality of life that people with I/DD are experiencing. The Case for Inclusion ranking scale has a maximum of 100 points. Including the overall performance ranking, the states are ranked on their performance on five other categories, which comprise:

  • Promoting independence—Includes measures for community-based service and residential services and the number of individuals joining in self-directed services (50% of total score).
  • Tracking health, safety, and quality of life—Includes measures of access to medical and dental care, safety, and relationships other than staff or family (14% of total score).
  • Keeping families together—Includes measures of family support per 100,000 individuals and the percentage of individuals who live in a family home (8% of total score).
  • Promoting productivity—Includes measures of workforce participation and competitive employment (12% of total score).
  • Serving those in need—Includes measures related to waiting lists for residential and community services (16% of total score).

Additional findings include:

  • 32 states meet the 80/80 Home and Community Standard, which is when at least 80% of all individuals with I/DD are served in the community and 80% of all resources spent on those with I/DD are for home and community support. The previous year, 38 states met this standard.
  • 26 states reported meeting the 80% Home-Like Setting Standard, which is when 80% of all I/DD individuals are served in settings that include their home, a family home, foster care, or small settings like shared apartments that have fewer than four residents. This number is up from 18 states the previous year.
  • 10 states reported having at least 10% of individuals using self-directed services. This number is up from seven the previous year.
  • 14 states reported having successfully placed at least 60% of individuals with I/DD in vocational rehabilitation jobs.
  • Eight states reported having at least 33% of I/DD individuals working in a competitive working environment.
  • The District of Columbia (up 41 spots from 49 to eight), Missouri (up 38 spots from 41 to three), and Ohio (up 38 spots from 48 to ten) were the three most improved states from 2007 to 2015.
  • Alaska (down 38 spots from two to 40), Montana (down 29 spots from 19 to 48), and Wyoming (down 28 spots from 17 to 45) were the three states that showed the biggest drop from 2007 to 2015.

The full text of “The Case For Inclusion 2015” can be downloaded at (accessed August 4, 2015).

For more information, contact: UCP (formerly United Cerebral Palsy), 1825 K Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, District of Columbia 20006; 800-872-5827; Fax: 202-776-0414; E-mail:; Website:


National Council


One Third of The National Council’s Newly Elected Board Members Are CMT Customers!

The National Council board of directors is committed to diversity, leadership, and promoting excellence in mental health and addictions treatment. At the spring meeting, the board of directors elected Susan Blue, president and CEO of Community Services Group, as the new board chair.

The National Council also welcomed eight new board members:

· Kevin Campbell, CEO, Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (OR)

« Cari Cho, CEO, Cornerstone Montgomery (MD)

· Robert Davison, Executive Director, Mental Health Association of Essex County (NJ)

« Walter Hill, Executive Director, High Plains Mental Health Center (KS)

· Susie Huhn, Executive Director, Casa de los Ninos (AZ)

« Brent McGinty, President and CEO, Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare (MO), Association/State Executives Committee Chair

· Kevin Norton, CEO, Lahey Behavioral Health Services (MA)

· Steven Ronik, CEO, Henderson Behavioral Health (FL) 

In addition, several existing board members are assuming new roles:

· Susan Blue, President and CEO of Community Services Group (PA), Chair

· Don Miskowiec, President and CEO North Central Behavioral Health System (IL), First Vice Chair

« Jeff Richardson, CEO, Mosaic Community Services (MD), Second Vice Chair

« Tim Swinfard, President and CEO, Pathways Community Behavioral Healthcare (MO), Secretary-Treasurer

· Vicker DiGravio, III, President and CEO, Association for Behavioral Healthcare (MA), Public Policy Committee Chair.

« Randy Tate, CEO, NorthCare (OK), re-elected for a second three-year term.

· Jeffrey Walter, Executive Director, Connecticut Community Providers Association, Immediate Past Chair All board terms begin July 1, 2015.

« CMT Customer

« Pending CMT Customer




Tara Larson, Former NC Medicaid Offical, Now With Cansler Solutions, Speaks About CMT's Solution at the Benchmarks Training:

David vs. Goliath: Everything Small Providers Need to Know

About Benchmarks: Benchmarks is an alliance of nationally accredited human service agencies working to support the children, adults and families of North Carolina.  Benchmarks members provide a continuum of services designed to give children and adults services critical to their well-being that can enable these children and adults to contribute to the welfare of the state.


Manitoba Centre for Health Policy


CMT Provides Analytics Engine to Canadian Study of Reducing Inappropriate Prescriptions

Care Management Technologies is the analytics engine behind a recently released Canadian randomized control study evaluating the impact of a mailed educational intervention to reduce potentially inappropriate prescribing of sleeping pills and benzodiazepines.   In a randomized study of the program conducted by the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, it was found that doctors who received CMT’s educational packages swiftly and significantly reduced potentially inappropriate prescribing for sleeping pills and benzodiazepines, a type of sedative medication that includes Valium-like drugs. These drugs are often prescribed for off-label uses and have considerable health risks, so a reduction in their inappropriate use is good news for the health of Manitobans.  

Jeff Onyskiw, Director of the Manitoba Drug Management Policy Unit, believes the program has a far greater impact for Manitoba than the statistically significant results for the control group: “To have completed a randomized control trial study of this magnitude, across an entire province of 1.1 million people is rare. The findings showed that a program such as Comprehensive NeuroScience™ of Canada (CNSC/CMT) has fast and sustainable impact in improving the quality of prescribing for psychotropic medications.” 

Read the full article at:




CHCF Innovation Showcase: Behavioral Health

As part of its Innovation Showcase for Behavioral Health, California Healthcare Foundation presented this video interview with Care Management Technology CEO, Carol Clayton.

Southwesst Michigan Behavioral Health


 Praise for CMT from Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health

Just a shout out to say how Awesome Michelle and the rest of the CMT team is.  I have sincerely never before had the level of trust, faith, respect I have in CMT with any other IT vendor.

It's nice.

Bradley Casemore

CEO, Southest Michigan Behavioral Health



 Kansas trying software partnership for mental health treatment

By Megan Hart

The Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas received a $40,000 grant from the Tower Mental Health Foundation to begin using Care Management Technologies software with Medicaid-eligible patients who receive mental health care and primary care for a chronic condition at one of their centers. Eight community mental health centers are participating in the pilot.

Read the entire article at



CMT & Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois present Children with Complex Medical Needs in Sangamon County

A Needs Assessment facilitated by CMT’s ProAct Analytics.

Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois is a private, not-for-profit organization providing high-quality, comprehensive behavioral health and rehabilitation services. An affiliate of Memorial Health System, Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois is one of the largest providers of behavioral health services in central Illinois, serving more than 9,000 individuals each year in Logan, Mason, Menard, Morgan, Sangamon and Scott counties. Established in 1947, MHCCI has more than 65 years of experience caring for children, adolescents, and adults and today has six sites of care located in Springfield, Lincoln, and Jacksonville.

The Needs Assessment identified possible opportunities for MHCCI to provide preventive care related to behavioral diagnoses, medical diagnosis and management of psychotropic medications.

Children with Complex Medical Needs of Sangamon County.pdf

Praise for CMT’s Clinical Decision Support of IDD Populations

"The wonderful thing about CMT's informatics system is it is capable of aggregating data and you can get any kind of report you need, including performance specific reporting such as SAMHSA clinical guidelines to help inform clinical decisions. We are so excited... it will help us with our pharmacology questions and, without going through endless paperwork, we can determine which of the people that we support has not had an annual physical, etc. ... I cannot imagine trying to create a health home without access to CMT...."

Sam Hedrick, J.D.
President, RHA Howell, Inc.

RHA Howell


Sam Hedrick, RHA Howell President, Wins Triangle Business Journal 2014 "Health Care Hero Award"

Care Management Technologies Hedrick received her Health Care Hero Award in the Support Services Executive/Organization category, which honors a specific individual or an organization for their role in "improving the care in health care."  The award was presented during a special ceremony held at the Raleigh Marriot City Center on March 20.

"What this award says to me is that organizations that specifically serve people with disabilities and their families are finally being recognized as part of the health care industry," Hedrick said.  "I am extremely honored and extremely grateful."

Read the full article at:


CMT News


Today's Health with CMT

Beyond Flint: A Healthcare Moment of Truth...

March 15, 2016

CMT Webinar with OPEN MINDS

More Information to Come.

March 7-9, 2016


CMT is an Exhibitor.
Come see us at Booth #216.

February 29-March 4, 2016


CMT is attending.

February 16-19, 2016


"Integrated[a1] Pharmacies at Community Mental Health Centers:  Medication Adherence and
Melissa Odorzynski, PharmD, MPH, VP Marketing and Strategy, Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company
Mark J. Peterson, RPh, Chief Commercial Officer, Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company
Carol Clayton, PhD, CEO, Care Management Technologies

February 11-12, 2016


Integration of the Pharmacists in to the Care Team Using Pharmacy Data.
Carol Clayton, PhD, CEO, Care Management Technologies
George Oeststreich, PharmD, GLO & Associates
Jennifer Kemp-Cornelius, RPh, BS Pharm, PharmD, GLO & Associates
CMT is a Knowledge Partner Sponsor and Exhibitor.
Come see us at Booth #26

February 9-10, 2016


CMT will be attending.

January 7, 2016


December 3, 2015

District of Columbia Behavioral Health Association

Annual Celebration

CMT is a Sponsor.

December 2-3, 2015

TAMHO Annual Conference: Improving Health Outcomes Through A Coordinated Approach


“Using Data to Improve Care” session on Maryland’s behavioral health homes presented by Shannon Hall, Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland; Scott Rose, JD and Juli Buchanan, PsyD of Way Station, Inc.

“Health Homes in Missouri” session highlights the clinical and financial outcomes accomplished in the first two years of the Missouri’s integration of care presented by Joe Parks, MD, MO DHHS, MO HealthNet.

CMT is a Sponsor and Exhibitor.

December 1-4, 2015

NC Council of Community Programs 2015 Annual Conference and Exposition Integrate, Innovate, Motivate

“Population Health Management: Moving Payer and Providers from FFS to Value Based Service Delivery and Payment”

Presentation on December 3 by:

Michael Croghan, CTO, CMT

Chris Reist, MD, Clinical Consultant, CMT

George Braunstein, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS

CMT is a Session Sponsor and an Exhibitor.

November 1-4, 2015

NC TIDE Fall Conference

CMT is an exhibitor.

October 27-28, 2015

OPEN MINDS 2015 Technology & Informatics Institute Washington, DC

CMT is an exhibitor.

October 7, 2015 2:00 pm – Free Executive Web Briefing

Beyond the EHR: Three Ways To Leverage & Extend Your EHR Capabilities To Manage P4P & Risk Contracts

Carol Duncan Clayton, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Care Management Technologies and Monica E. Oss, chief executive officer of OPEN MINDS discuss the three ways to leverage and extend your EHR capabilities to manage P4P and risk contracts. Registration information:

October 2, 2015

NC Benchmarks’ Medicaid Forum

Carol Clayton, PhD, CMT’s CEO will open the forum with a presentation on the new evolving NC Medicaid business models likely to emerge that will require providers to make use of population health data tools.

September 17-18, 2015

Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare
  2015 Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Health Conference

in partnership with the Psychiatric Rehab Council.

CMT is a conference sponsor.

September 16-18, 2015

Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas
Annual Conference for Behavioral Health

CMT is a conference sponsor and exhibitor.

July 27-29, 2015

American Academy for Developmental Medicine and Dentistry
Global Innovations on Health and I/DD Conference

Chris Reist, MD, Chair of the CMT Editorial Board and Bryan King, MD, member of the CMT Editorial Board, are presenting “A Population Based Approach to Healthcare for the People with I/DD: Improving Outcomes through Data Analytics, Collaboration, and Research”

July 18, 2015

CMT Makes Open Minds Thought Leader List

June 17-18, 2015

National Behavioral Consortium

  CMT will be attending.

June 16-18, 2015

Open Minds Strategy and Innovation Institute

  CMT is hosting a Knowledge Management Session, presentation by Michael Smith, MD, Jackie Beck from ECBH, and Dan Chateau, Manitoba Health Policy:

"Government Payers and Value Based Purchasing: Public Models for Improving the Quality of Health for a Population." CMT will also be an exhibitor.

June 9, 2015

The Missouri Mental Health Foundation

  2015 Missouri Mental Health Champion's Awards Banquet

CMT is a sponsor.

May 19-22, 2015

MHCA 2015 Spring Conference

CMT is hosting the Welcome Reception and sponsoring the "North Carolina's Publicly Managed Behavioral Health System" presentation by Will Woodell, COO, Cardinal Innovations, and Dan Zorn, CEO, SPARC Network.

April 20-22, 2015

National Council for Behavioral Health
NATCON Conference 2015

CMT will be attending.

April 15-16, 2015

California Institute for Behavioral Health
The 15th Annual Behavioral Health Information Management Conference and Exposition: Addressing the Needs of Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Programs

CMT will be an Exhibitor.

March 23-26, 2015

American Mental Health Counselors Association AMHCA Summit

CMT is the conference sponsor for the pre-summit event: "Exploring Missouri's Behavioral Health Homes: Innovation and Cultural Shift."

This event is presented by Dr. Joe Parks, Director of the MO HealthNet Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services. Leigh Steiner, CMT’s Director of Clinical Applications, is the President of the AMHCA Board.

February 2015

CMT Newsletter, Vol. 6

"A Population Health Approach to Improving Opioid Prescribing"

CMT Newsletter - February 2015.pdf

February 25-26, 2015

National Behavioral Consortium

Carol Clayton, PhD, CEO – Care Management Technologies will be presenting.

February 12-13, 2015

NC Open Minds Performance Management Institute

"The Six Sigma Approach to  Leveraging Predictive Analytics and Improving Quality of Care."

This Knowledge Management Session is sponsored by CMT and presented by:

Mike Croghan, CTO - Care Management Technologies.

February 5, 2015

California Health Care Foundation
Innovation Showcase

CMT has been selected to present as an innovative healthcare technology company to C Suite Health Care Executives in the California market.

December 3-5, 2014

NC Council of Community Programs
Pathways to Integration

Dr. Bryan King, member of CMT’s Editorial Board, is on the panel presenting:

“A Population Based Approach to Healthcare for People with I/DD:  Improving Outcomes through Collaboration, Data and Outreach”

CMT is a Session Sponsor and an Exhibitor.

November 17, 2014

New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies

“The Power of Technology and Data Analytics in the Health Care Market: How Analytics & Decision Support Tools Can Improve Quality & Reduce Costs”

Workshop presented by:

Carol Clayton, PhD, CEO – Care Management Technologies

Mike Croghan, CTO – Care Management Technologies

Brent McGinty – President/CEO, Missouri Coalition for Community Mental Health Centers

November 2-5, 2014

NC TIDE Fall 2014 Conference

CMT is a Session Sponsor at NC Tide as well as an Exhibitor.



October 28-29, 2014

Benchmarks Conference
“Operationalizing Effective Care”

Care Management Technologies is an Exhibitor.



October 7-10, 2014


Care Management Technologies is an Exhibitor.

Please stop by and see us at our booth.



October 1, 2014

North Carolina Providers Council 2014 Annual Conference

Carol Clayton PhD, CEO Care Management Technologies


“Using Data to Demonstrate Outcomes and Value”



September 25-26, 2014

Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare & Psychiatric Rehab Conference 2014

Care Management Technologies is an Exhibitor.

Visit us at booth 13.



September 17-19, 2014

ACMHCK 2014 Behavioral Health Conference

Care Management Technologies is a conference sponsor.

More CMT News...